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Your Home, Hobbies & Entertainment portal is the go-to hub for hobby help.  From book clubs to gardening to travel and entertainment, you can help your patrons have FUN!  Now you can deliver and promote relevant resources easily with:

  • Your own customized web site that links to all of your Home, Hobbies & Entertainment e-resources

  • Trainining sessions that will allow you to learn the gateway, or teach you to train your patrons

  • Customized shelf talkers that will lead patrons to from the bookshelves to the gateway
Home, Hobbies & Entertainment Gateway Products

Books & Authors

An intuitive readers' advisory resource that helps connect readers with new titles, the latest book reviews, and the most up-to-date information about books -- both popular and lesser known



Provides quick online access to repair, maintenance and service information on seven decades of the broadest range of vehicles available


Culinary Arts Collection

Gives recreational cooks and professional chefs alike instant access to recipes and other culinary information from more than 250 InfoTrac periodicals and 20 reference works from Delmar, part of cengage Learning

Gale Virtual Reference Library Product Information

Gale Virtual Reference Library

A collection of eBooks from renowned publishers including titles specially selected for their coverage of Home, Hobbies & Entertainment themes.  Topics cover antiquing, gardening, cooking and more.  Titles include:

·         Antiques Investigator, 1st Paperback ed.

·         Backyard Harvest, 1st American ed.

·         Cook It Together

·         Digital Photography Essentials, 1st American ed.

·         Everyday Easy 30-Minute Dinners: quick assembly, fresh and light, from the pantry

·         Everyday Easy Cheap Eats: casseroles, stir-fries, savory tarts, sweet treats

·         Everyday Easy One-pot: hearty soups, quick stir-fries, simple casseroles

·         Fresh Flower Arranging, 1st American ed.

·         Garden Design

·         Garden Friends

·         Gardening Step by Step, 1st American ed.

·         Great Fruit & Vegetable Guide

·         Grow Fruit, 1st American ed.

·         Grow Herbs

·         Grow It, Cook It: Simple gardening projects and delicious recipes

·         Grow Plants in Pots, 1st American ed.

·         Home Herbal: cook, brew & blend your own herbs, 1st American ed.

·         How to Cook

·         How to Grow Practically Everything

·         Cook Up A Feast, 1st American ed.

·         Organic Gardening

·         Plants for Places

·         Total Sports

·         The Book of Weeds


Garden, Landscape & Horticulture Collection

Includes periodicals from InfoTrac and reference titles from Delmar, part of Cengage Learning. These resources will inspire and educate those seeking more information on gardening, landscaping or horticulture.


Hospitality, Tourism & Leisure Collection

Covers both the historical and current state of affairs in the hospitality and tourism field. It is comprised of close to 400 industry journals from Gale's award-winning InfoTrac product line as well as current and relevant reference content from noted publisher Delmar, part of Cengage Learning


PriceIt! Antiques & Collectibles

A comprehensive resource for identifying, researching and pricing art, antiques, and collectibles

Fun Facts

6 times more often.  Each year, Americas visit the library more often than we go to the movies and six times more often that we attend live professional and college sporting events (football, baseball, basketball, and hockey) 1,2

2.1 Million.  Every day Americans borrow 2.1 million DVDs from libraries 3


1 IMLS, 2007, Public Libraries in the United States:  Fiscal Year 2007; Statistical Abstracts of the United States, 2010.


3 OCLC, 2010, primary research;; Stross, Randall,  “When the Price Is Right, the Future Can Wait,“ New York Times, July 12, 2009; McBride, Sarah, “Cinema Surpassed DVD Sales in 2009,“ Wall street Journal online, January 4, 2010