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Now you can deliver and promote student focused resources that will engage, empower and transform their learning experience.

The Homework Help Gateway will help your patrons with:

  •     Completing homework
  •     Performing research
  •     Enriching homeschool curriculums
  •     Locating parent and teacher resources
  •     Finding the right resources for their needs
Homework Help Gateway Products

Biography in Context  

Virtually every course of study — from history to science to literature — is ultimately tied to the study of people. Biography in Context delivers outstanding research support with nearly a million biographical entries spanning history and geography. Just like all the new revolutionary In Context products, it’s a curriculum-aligned resource that offers media-rich content in context that's updated daily to meet the needs of today’s user.

Student Resources In Context

This next-generation portal reaches out to today’s learners with a Web-like user experience, which intuitively conveys needed information on all core subjects from Science to Literature to History. From the eye-catching, media-rich homepage to the fast navigation options, Student Resources in Context helps students develop both research and critical-thinking skills while covering the spectrum of student-focused subject matter.

Gale Virtual Reference Library Product Information

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Digital books with anytime, anywhere access to help students whenever and wherever they're doing homework.


Science in Context 

Science in Context draws students into the subject matter by integrating pure information with today’s headlines and videos – showing how scientific disciplines relate to real-world issues, from weather patterns to obesity. Includes hundreds of science fair projects and experiments from very simple to more complex.


 U.S. History in Context

U.S. History in Context delivers comprehensive, contextual, media-rich search results from the most extensive online collection of historical information available today.