Gateways from Gale

Make it easy for patrons to find and use your digital resources

A gateway is a virtual shelf and so much more. It links users to diverse materials that share a common theme, like Jobs or Homework Help.  A complete solution, Gale Gateways include subscriptions and eBooks for each subject area and the tools you need to set up and promote your digital resources.

Gateways -- A Total Solution

Fully customizable Gale gateways include:

  • A collection of digital resources from Gale.
  • An eye-catching and customizable webpage optimized for internet search.
  • Staff training and patron programming workshops.
  • Customizable promotional items and toolkits.

Gateways make it easy to showcase your library's resources - you can easily setup a thematic web page

  • Add resources from any publisher.
  • Add links to popular web sites or local resources.
  • Post announcements for related programming or add topics for seasonal events.
  •  Build your brand by adding your logo and other brand-building images.

Showcase your library's value by choosing gateways available in these themes:

  • Business supports entrepreneurs, community initiatives and more.
  • Homework Help offers curriculum-aligned resources in the core subjects.
  • Health & Wellness supports community health and individual concerns.
  • Home, Hobbies & Entertainment provides auto repair, crafts, leisure reading, and science materials.
  • Jobs & Career includes resumes, interview help, and other relevant resources.
  • Literature provides access to authoritative collections representing modern and historical views on authors and books. 

    Gateways are easy to create. Trial them today! 

    Overview of a Gateway web page