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Every organization must plan for change in order to reach its ultimate goal . Effective planning helps a business adapt to change by identifying opportunities and avoiding problems.

But, when is it time to change? What should be changed? How can change happen?

Sharon Drew Morgen has designed the facilitative questions below to help individuals begin the process of change and innovation decision-making. Use these questions to determine if you are ready to make a change, or ready to become an innovator.

Change and Innovation Template (increase box sizes as appropriate)

1.1 Take a look around your environment (home, family, business, personal). What issues do you see ongoing that you have not managed yet?

1.2 What has stopped you from managing them until now?

2.1 What would you need to see/hear/feel to recognize when it was time to do something different?

3.1 What criteria do you use to decide what aspects of the situation need to be changed?

3.2 Which aspects should stay the same?

3.3 What is the difference between the two?

3.4 And how will you know if you've chosen the appropriate elements for each?

4.1 How will you decide who would need to be brought into the 'change' conversation to ensure you have buy-in from interested parties?

4.2 How do you plan on bringing them into the decisions you need to make?

4.3 How will you know that they are indeed supportive of your change issues?

4.4 How will you know if they are not supportive?

4.5 How will you manage the situation if they believe they will be harmed by the change?

5.1 How will you and your decision partners determine all of the aspects that need to be managed?

5.2 What elements of the situation need to be shifted first?

5.3 What elements of the situation need to be shifted second?

5.4 How will you handle differences of opinion?

6.1 How will you monitor your process?

6.2 How will you know if/when you are going off course and need additional support (possibly from the outside)?

6.3 How will you and your decision partners help you in your monitoring?

7.1 What will success look like?

7.2 How can you be sure that the problem will remain solved over time?

8.1 What does follow up and follow through look like?

© Sharon Drew Morgen, template/design Alan Chapman 2004-2009

 After answering the questions above, reflect on the experience by using the "reflective diary template" produced by Alan Chapman and Sharon Drew Morgen.   It is attached.

How successful do you think these questions would be in facilitating change? Did you use them to make a change? If so, share your experience.

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