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Getting from College to Career by Lindsey Pollak is a career advice book, focusing on getting a job after college. In the book, Pollak recommends looking for a job before graduation.

One way, she suggests, to look for a job before graduation is to use informational interviews with networking contacts -- people you know and those you don't. Use the name of the referral when requesting an interview. "John Doe suggested I contact you ..." Let your contact know what information you want and that you will not take more than 20 minutes of his or her time. Prepare the questions before the interview, and send a thank you note afterward.

Some of the right questions to ask include those below. Use the answers to create a to-do list.

"What's your best job search tip?"

"What was your first job, and do you think it was a good choice?"

"What didn't school teach you about the work world?"

"What's your opinion of the recent college grads your company hired?"

How can learning about jobs help you to get the jump on your competition? Do you think it will help you get the job?

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