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When Congress checks back in after the 4th of July holiday, we can expect more discussion, err arguments, over what to do about raising the US debt ceiling.  Our friends at BackStory, the public radio history program based at the University of Virginia, have produced an hour on the history of debt in the US.  It is interesting to put the current debt discussions into historical context.  For example, the BackStory team takes us back to the Founding Fathers and the origin of US debt.  Take a listen to Borrowed Times: A History of the National Debt, here.   

If you want a current day conversation on the fight over how to handle raising the debt ceiling, you could do a lot worse than the Washington Post's On Leadership discussion featuring columnist Steven Pearlstein and a handful of political and business leaders.  Read it here.

Posted 07-05-2011 7:49 AM by Graham Griffith
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