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The Department of Labor is set to release unemployment data for May later this morning.  While awaiting the announcement, we found (thanks to Catherine Mulbrandon) an interesting visualization of unemployment.  Take a look at this graphic of unemployment in 1980 (The size of each circle represents the number of unemployed, and the color represents unemployment rate (darkest orange is the highest rate, darkest green the lowest):

That's the work of Alex Kiren, of Data Driven.  He put together an animated set of Dorling Cartograms--one for every year from 1980 through 2009--to show how unemployment--in absolute numbers and percentage of working population--has progressed by state over the last three decades.  Click here to take a look (give the map some time to settle then click the play button).

Or watch this smaller video of the cartogram in action (the version at Data Driven is much better, but does not work well on older browsers):  

Dorling Cartogram of US Unemployment, 1980 - 2009 from Alex Kerin on Vimeo.

Read Kiren's description of his work here.  

Posted 06-04-2010 5:32 AM by Graham Griffith
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