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Lisa Barone of Small Business Trends strongly recommends that business owners David Mihm's Local Search Ranking Factors--just updated this week for 2009.  Mihm's report is a comprehensive guide to all things search, built on a new study of Google Maps, interviews with the heads of Google Maps and Yahoo Local, and surveys of top "bloggers and practitioners."  

From Barone's testimonial:

One of the most interesting things I got from David’s guide was the growingimportance of getting local citations for your Web site. Citations are mentions of your business name and address on other Web pages. That means in order to rank well in local search you should be reaching out to the many local organizations around you and letting them know your business exists. Get a mention from your Chamber of Commerce, from local blogs, local directories and resource sites, your school board association and anywhere else local business information is found. These citations are relatively easy to get (small businesses owners love helping one another out) and they’re very powerful to the local search algorithms.

Read Barone's full post here.  

Posted 05-29-2009 9:04 AM by Graham Griffith
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