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According to social media researchers at Forrester, the Era of Social Relationships is coming to a close, we are nearing the sweet spot of the Era of Social Functionality, and the Era of Social Colonization is just starting.  And each era takes us closer to the long awaited era where social media meets its commercial potential.  In the Era of Social Commerce--start date 2011--social communities will be in the driver's seat and "define future products and service."  Take a look at the different eras and the social media group and Web dynamics:

The Era of Social Commerce is projected to start in 2011, but Forrester's Jeremiah Owyang says brands need to prepare for that period now.  Brands, he says, need to "prepare for transparency," "focus on customer advocates," develop a "community platform" to take advantage of social networks as a means of conveying customer information, and:

Shatter your Corporate Website: In the most radical future, content will come to consumers –rather than them chasing it– prepare to fragment your corporate website and let it distribute to the social web. Let the most important information go and spread to communities where they exist; fish where the fish are.

The full report is available only to Forrester clients, but Owyang provides an overview here.  

Posted 04-29-2009 9:59 AM by Graham Griffith
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