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  • Blog Post: Air Pump Ailments – Secondary Air Injection Systems

    Spark-ignition engines produce the largest amount of pollution during a cold start. Until the engine and the catalytic converter reach operating temperature, more fuel is needed, producing larger quantities of carbon monoxide and unburnt hydrocarbons. Air injection reaction systems reduce pollution...
  • Blog Post: Top 5 Brake Complaints and How to Resolve Them

    Story and Photography by Jim Marotta I think we can all agree that the braking system is the most important safety device on any vehicle. Since people place such a high value on their car's ability to slow and stop, it is smart to pay attention to brake issues. Let's review...
  • Blog Post: Which Antifreeze is Right for Your Vehicle?

    By Jim Marotta Back in the day, no matter which brand you chose, antifreeze was green. The glycol-based formula contained silicates as corrosion inhibitors. You mixed the antifreeze 50/50 with water and poured it in the radiator. As the engine operated, the antifreeze performed its primary...