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  • Blog Post: Oil Change: What is the best maintenance interval?

    by Jim Marotta The 3,000 mile oil and filter change is as much a part of the American car culture as hot rods, car hops and whitewall tires. Whether we perform it ourselves in the driveway or watch while the family “mechanic” puts the car up on the lift and drains the oil, we think of...
  • Blog Post: Which Antifreeze is Right for Your Vehicle?

    By Jim Marotta Back in the day, no matter which brand you chose, antifreeze was green. The glycol-based formula contained silicates as corrosion inhibitors. You mixed the antifreeze 50/50 with water and poured it in the radiator. As the engine operated, the antifreeze performed its primary...
  • Blog Post: Riding on Air: How Tire Pressure Affects Your Car's Performance

    By Ryan Lee Price Having a portable air compressor handy is the best way to make sure your tires maintain their proper inflation. (Photo by Ryan Lee Price) What supports the weight of your car as you amble down the road? If you said tires, you’re wrong. Technically, the air inside...