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  • Forum Thread: 1996 dodge ram conversion van - won't start

    Hi, my 1996 dodge ram conversion van just stopped And I checked the oil and there’s gas in it but it won’t start someone told me it was my fuel pump… When I turn my key to the ON it make a click noise…. Got any advice…. Thank a ton…. Question from Jenn on the...
  • Forum Thread: What is stopping the fuel pump

    I'm working on a 2003 Mitsubishi Diamante 3.5l drove home the other night and parked. when i went to start it the next day it just cranked over and over. i could not hear the fuel pump running so pulled it out and bench tested it, it was fine. i received 2 trouble codes a P0340 and a P0335 camshaft...
  • Forum Reply: Re: 2002 Dodge 1500 Van, :"NoBus" Message and doesnt start

    Sounds like you need a wiring diagram, to check your power and the ground connections to your PCM. Have you checked the auto shutdown relay? I have experienced similar problems with a faulty relay.
  • Forum Reply: Re: What is stopping the fuel pump

    If codes P0335 and P0340 CKP and CMP signals were not detected for 2 seconds the cam and crank sensor circuit may be shutting down the fuel due to a non-spark condition. Check the electrical circuit for something the 2 sensors have in common. 5v VREF to the sensor MFI relay Open or shorted signal circuit...