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A/C not blowing cold air 2008 Audi Q7

  • I am not getting any cold air from my vents, So I assumed it was just low on freon. Took it in to a non-Audi repair shop to have freon put in. It hardly had any in it so he filled it. The Mechanic came back and said it was still not cold. Ran a scan, no Error Codes at allin HVAC.  He unplugged wire from compressor and tested just the compressor, I guess sent electricity to it"manually", and he heard the ac kick on and cold air was coming out of the vents. So does this mean I need to replace the control module? Any other suggestions? Thanks  And If I replace the Control Module will I have any Component Protections issues.  I am installing a used one, the new ones are 1300.00.  I have a vagcom, so I can run some tests.  Thanks

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