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Chilton online manual scam!

  • I wasted my money on an vauge, non-detailed, unhelpful, manual.

    The instructions simply told me to remove a hard to reach part with no instructions how.

    The manual did not even tell me the location of the part, let alone how to dig it out! No bolt guides, no diagrams,  just 4 steps on an very difficult replacement job.

    Its like some jerk just made up how to replace my part with no experience or knowlege of the vehicle whatsoever!

    Ill save you guys some money and detail a Chilton diy manual right here!

    1. Remove cables from battery

    2. Remove part

    3. You may have to romove other parts to get to this one

    4. To replace part follow instructions in reverse.

    There you go. I hope my guide was helpful.

  • I appreciate that you wrote to inform us that you are having issues.

    We will call you shortly.