I am considering purchasing Chiltondiy.com access, but since the Sample Vehicles Maintenance tab errors out am afraid the service will be unusable to me.  I have tried in both the latest Windows 10 Chrome (59.0.3071.115 released 6/5/2017) and MS Edge.  When I select Maintenance tab and fill out drop down menus in the vehicle configuration for the sample car (I have tried Base and Limited, then Coupe and Convertible) when I chose Automatic or Standard transmission I get a pop up error "An embedded page at content.chiltonsonline.com says:  Internal Server Error: Input string was not in a correct format" with an Ok button.  Clicking the Ok button allows me to enter a mileage.  Entering a mileage and clicking the Show Services button causes the same popup error as before.  Clicking the Ok button just makes the popup go away, but the display is still the dialog to enter mileage.

I am attempting to change the spark plugs in a Ford F150 which requires removal of a bunch of hoses, connectors, the intake manifold, and replacement of plenum gasket.  I really would like to know that the maintenance section will work because having to jump from place to place by intuition in the Repair section is NOT acceptable.  Equally not acceptable is paying for a service that is not fully functional.